Bold-One Maxtreme Boldenone undecylenate (Equipose) 10 ampoules (100mg/ml)


Manufacturer: MaxtremePack: 10 ampoules (100mg/ml)Chemical Substance: Boldenone undecylenate (Equipose)

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Bold-One is a steroid drug of anabolic type with predominantly anabolic activity and moderate androgenic effect. Its active substance in its structure can be called similar to testosterone. To some extent, it is similar to methandienone. One of the main features of the drug is a milder effect in comparison with the above steroids.

Bold-One is an excellent tool for achieving qualitative muscle growth and overall development of phys. Form. His injections contribute to the improvement of nitrogen balance in the body and at the same time stimulate the synthesis of protein and even increase appetite, which can manifest at the beginning of the course.

The active substance of the drug – boldenone undecylenate – is not included in the list of 5-alpha abbreviated formula. Unlike most steroids, it has its unique structure – 5AP, which allows it to bind directly to receptors, resulting in a strong effect on the body.

Course Bold-One

Steroid is very much appreciated in a direction like bodybuilding, because it has good anabolic effects and allows you to build muscle mass. After the end of the course, the phenomenon of rollback is insignificant, and the collected mass remains for a long time. It is also used by powerlifters, skiers, athletes and other athletes, as the drug increases endurance and strength. Due to this, training lasts longer and more intensively. With the right dosages, it gives the following results:

· Increase in strength indicators;

• qualitative growth of muscle mass;

· Increased appetite;

· Protein synthesis in tissues;

· Increased venous circulation;

· Improved relief;

· The growth of erythrocytes, which saturate the muscles with oxygen;

· Increase of endurance level.

Benefits and effect of the Bold-One
The action of Bold-One positively affects the set of dry muscle mass. Thus, the athlete is guaranteed to receive a useful “extra charge” in weight, without accumulating excess fluid in the body. Correctly compiled Bold-One solo course will achieve the desired result without any harm to health, because the drug does not have the usual side effects for serious steroids: baldness, gynecomastia, acne, prostate hypertrophy and so on. Soft effect and absolute non-toxicity for the liver makes this drug as safe and practical as possible.

Therefore, to buy Bold-One and introduce into its regime is recommended even for beginners, who can make an individual solo course and determine the optimal dosage based on the reviews or the attached instructions. Bold-One though differs by slow growth of muscles, but allows to fix the received result for a long time. So, the course of Bold-One on mass will be naturally: