Aromex Alpha Pharma Exemestane 25mg (30 pills)


Manufacturer: Alpha PharmaPack: 25mg (30 pills)Chemical Substance: Exemestane

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Laboratory: Alpha-Pharma,
Form: Oral,
Molecule: Exemastane,
Concentration: 25 mg / tab,
Packing: 30 tab.,
Recommended dose: 25mg once in 2 days

Treatment of advanced breast cancer in women in natural or induced postmenopausal women who have progression of the disease on the background of anti-estrogen therapy.

Hormonal therapy for advanced breast cancer in women in natural or induced postmenopausal women who have progressed to treatment with either non-steroid aromatase inhibitors or progestins.

Dosing regimen
If administered orally, the recommended dose for adults and elderly patients is 25 mg 1 time / day daily, preferably after meals. Treatment should continue until signs of progression of the tumor, then it is recommended to adjust the medical tactics.

With hepatic or renal failure, dose adjustment is not required.

“Aromatase inhibitors may well prove to be an attractive alternative for replacing the traditional testosterone hormone with older people, since these inhibitors can be taken orally once a day, and they can contribute to the production of testosterone in the body. In addition, the abuse of aromatase inhibitors is unlikely, as testosterone will not be stimulated to a very high supraphysiological level.

One small experiment showed that anastrozole at a dosage of 1 mg per day for 12 weeks resulted in a doubling of the low bioavailable level of testosterone in a group of elderly people.

Another recent experiment also showed a moderate but significant effect of inhibiting aromatase on estradiol and testosterone in the elderly. Taking atmestane 100 mg once a day resulted in a 40% increase in the total level of testosterone in a 36-week course. Nevertheless, no positive effect on the strength, muscle and other indicators was found.