Induject-250 (vial) Alpha Pharma Sustanon 250 (Testosterone mix) 10ml vial (250mg/ml)


Manufacturer: Alpha PharmaPack: 10ml vial (250mg/ml)Chemical Substance: Sustanon 250 (Testosterone mix)


Induject-250 is the most popular anabolic in the modern world, since it includes four testosterone esters. This includes testosterone enanthate, and propionate, and even cypionate. This “rattling” mixture is highly appreciated by athletes, as Sustanon begins to act almost immediately after ingestion. Thanks to this drug the result remains quite a long time (several weeks after the end of the solo course of admission).

Anabolic steroid Induject-250 is great for building muscle mass, as it has a strong androgenic and anabolic effect. The effect can be felt the very next day after the start of the drug. Thanks to Sustanon, the body does not accumulate excess water, so many athletes respond to this steroid only on the positive side, and also note the surge of energy and rapid muscle growth.
To apply the course of Susanon is recommended only to men who have reached the age of 21.

Duration of the course is 6-8 weeks. If more (which is not recommended), the gonadotropin should be administered.

Sustanon injections are performed once a week at a dosage of 250-500 mg intramuscularly (preferably inserted into the gluteus muscle).

FROM THE SECOND WEEK OF THE COURSE you need to start taking AROMATICASE IGIBITORS under the control of tests for estrogens (most often anastrozole is used for 0.5 mg every other day). But the reception of aromatase inhibitors will need to be discontinued 1-2 weeks after the last injection.

After 3 WEEKS AFTER THE LAST STONE, POST-TOURING THERAPY begins with TAMOXIFENA, testosterone boosters are taken within 3-4 weeks to restore their own testosterone workings.


Sustanon does not aromatize as enanthate and cypionate, so there are practically no side effects. And if there are, in most cases from an overdose of the drug. Definitely one can say one thing, that bodybuilders give their preference to Sustanon.

What determines the long-term effect of Sustanon? Everything is explained by the fact that each component contained in the preparation has a different time of absorption into the body. It is also very good that Sustanon can be taken quite rarely, but its effect will still be terrific. Most athletes take 250-1000 mg for 7 days, most often, somewhere around 500 mg. Sustanon can be combined with another anabolic steroid, and also take a solo course, but already orally – so they will perfectly complement each other.