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Trenarapid : description and instructions.

Anabolic activity of Trenbolone acetate is 400% testosterone, and androgenic activity is 200% testosterone. From these indicators it can be concluded that Trenbolone acetate is a very potent drug.

The history of this anabolic, like many other steroids, began with its application in veterinary medicine. With the help of his increased appetite and increased muscle mass in animals. Later, after learning about the abilities of the steroid, they became interested in bodybuilders, powerlifters and weightlifters.

Steroid profile

This steroid, by right is considered one of the leaders in terms of effectiveness of use. The trenbolone has a rather wide spectrum of action, it has found its application, both in bodybuilding and in weightlifting, because it copes well with the tasks of mass-gathering, and is capable of significantly increasing power indicators. Along with this, unfortunately, side effects are quite noticeable, which, however, can be leveled, literate pkt and adequate dosages. It is important to note that the trend is not subject to conversion in the absence of estrogenic activity, respectively, the water retention on the course is poorly expressed. To the important features of trenbolone, which must be taken into account, it is worth attributing its progesterone activity, which, in turn, suppresses the production of its own testosterone. Hence such pobochki as atrophy of testicles and problems with an erection in a kind of the fallen libido. This problem is solved by the above therapy in the form of gonadotropin injections.

Nowadays, amateurs of iron sports take injectable Trenbolone acetate during the drying period, with the aim of a sharp and powerful increase in strength and endurance. In addition, the drug increases libido and lowers the level of cortisol during the course.


Trenbolone has a very strong androgenic activity, which tells us that its use without antiestrogens is quite dangerous, so the use of proviron is mandatory on the course.

The best Trenarapid is as powerful as it is potentially dangerous when breaking recommendations. It is recommended to strictly follow the dosage.

Use of Trenarapid :

Men usually use 50 to 100 mg every other day (or 75 mg), on a long course of trenbolone (more than 4 weeks), it is mandatory to use antiestrogens (prociron, as well as dostinex). In 8-week courses, it is mandatory to add gonadotropin from the middle of the course (1000 units per day), since the trenbolone hits hard to produce its own testosterone.

Trenarapid side effects

Trenbolone acetate on the course rarely causes any side effects, since its main merit is that it does not aromatize when ingested.

There are opinions that at too high dosage of trenbolone acetate it is approximately 100 mg. Daily, there may be a disruption to the work of your kidneys.

Confirm or refute this hypothesis, we can not, because none of our friends do not put such a dosage or put it. Maximum on the course, our customers put on 100 mg. A day later, trenbolone acetate and then this cycle they last no more than four weeks in a row.

For such a period of time your muscles will be dried to the maximum and rid of all excess fat. And accordingly, to switch to daily injections, acetate does not make sense, so as not to incline the result towards side effects.