Andriol Testocaps Sun Pharmaceuticals Testosterone undecanoate 40mg (60 pills)


Manufacturer: Sun PharmaceuticalsPack: 40mg (60 pills)Chemical Substance: Testosterone undecanoate


Ester testosterone decanoate buy in its pure form is problematic. However, if you decide to conduct a testosterone decanoate course, an alternative to the drug Sustanon-250 is suitable for this. On Suston-250, a drug in which a large amount of Testosterone Decanoate is contained, the price is affordable. Testosterone Decanoate instructions for use contain full information about the drug. The main points will be discussed below.

Testosterone decanoate: a brief description.

It is the longest testosterone ester.

He begins to work three weeks after the first injection.

The detection time is up to 3 months.

Anabolic activity is 100%.

Androgenic activity is 100%.

Does not have a negative effect on the liver.

Testosterone Decanoate: description.

Due to the fact that ether decanoate acts more slowly than, for example, ester enanthate or ether cypionate, steroid injections can be placed less often. It is for this property that many bodybuilders appreciate this drug.

Testosteronundecanoate itself is a complex fatty acid compound in the form of an ester. Getting into the body, it is almost completely converted into dihydrotestosterone – the product of the disintegration of the male hormone. This entails a very weak aromatization effect of andriol, which automatically excludes the possibility of gynecomastia or increased accumulation of fats. Thus, andriol has become an excellent alternative to injectable drugs based on testosterone.

This feature of the drug is used by athletes for drying. Also, the steroid is quickly removed from the body, which no doubt makes it even more attractive for use in preparation for the competition.

Andriol – side effects

Essentially the drug is completely safe. However, this applies to male athletes. The online reviews of the drug suggest that it should not be used by women. This is due to a decrease in the estrogen background in the body.

A steroid can cause an increase in blood pressure, the development of hypersexuality and increase fluid retention in the body. When taking andriol, men may experience increased erection. There are no other side effects of the information.