Proscalpin Fortune Finasteride (Propecia) 1mg (50 pills)


Manufacturer: FortunePack: 1mg (50 pills)Chemical Substance: Finasteride (Propecia)

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Proscalpin mechanism of action
In total, there are several types of baldness and each type has its own causes of emergence and development. But the most common type is androgenic alopecia (according to the male type), which affects about 90-95% of the total number of balding men. Therefore, all the attention and efforts of doctors are based on combating this kind of baldness. Due to lengthy studies and tests, a highly effective drug, Propecia, was developed.

Propecia (Propecia) – a drug designed to treat baldness. Propecia finasteride prevents the development of hair loss, and restores their growth already at the first course of admission. However, Propecia is designed to treat only androgenic type of baldness, since it was created specifically for this type, while other types of baldness have a different nature of the development of the disease and propecia simply will not be effective. But in the fight against androgenic alopecia, the generic propecia shows amazing results and high efficiency in action.

Use (for men)

The recommended dose is 5 mg (1 tablet) 1 time per day, regardless of food intake.


Dosing and Administration
Take Propecia should be 1 tablet a day or as directed by a doctor. Dosage is provided individually for each person, depending on the development of the disease and general health, as well as the effects of the drug. If you missed the planned dose of Propecia, you should not take a double norm, just wait until the next dose and drink the dosage prescribed to you by the doctor.