Enanthat 250 Dragon Pharma Testosterone enanthate 10 ampoules (250mg/ml)


Manufacturer: Dragon PharmaPack: 10 ampoules (250mg/ml)Chemical Substance: Testosterone enanthate


Testosterone Enanthate Description

Athletes who practiced enanthate, say that this drug allows you to quickly gain a solid amount of muscle mass, significantly increase your endurance and increase your strength. Also note the rush of energy, vivacity, increased tone, faster recovery after training. Testosterone enanthate positively affects hemopoiesis, raises the level of red blood cells in the blood and the amount of oxygen that enters the body.

Course Testosterone Enanthate Solo

Enanthate is recommended for persons who have reached the age of majority after completing a full medical examination. Injections are maximum twice in seven days. The optimal dosage is chosen individually, depends on a number of accompanying factors. A safe rule is the amount within 250-500 milligrams. The volume of the drug administered can be increased as the body weight increases.

Side effects of taking testosterone enanthate

The main problem is the high aromatization (transformation into estrogens) from here and gynecomastia, swelling, fat deposition by female type and others. Therefore, it is very important to take anti-estrogens (for prevention) AND NOT AFTER THE COURSE, but ON THE COURSE! Many believe that anti-estrogens should be taken only after the course and everything will be OK, but it’s not! It is very risky to get gynecomastia on the course (therefore do not start).

How to make a testosterone course enanthate
Duration: 8-12 weeks, since enanthate is a long ether
Dosages: from 200mg per week to 2000mg per day, but such brutish doses are suitable only for pros, beginners should limit 200-400mg per week, average hand chemists – 500-700mg per week, and senior alchemists with doses of 750-1000mg per week.
Dosage frequency: injections are usually produced in the gluteus muscle, and testosterone enanthate is a long ether, so, on the one hand, frequent frequent injections of bo-bo, and, on the other hand, to maintain a uniform anabolic background it is better to do them often: minimum Once a week, preferably 2-3 times a week, but you can at least twice a day.