Parabolan 100 Dragon Pharma Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate 10ml vial (100mg/ml)


Manufacturer: Dragon PharmaPack: 10ml vial (100mg/ml)Chemical Substance: Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate


Parabolan is a derivative of the overtone, but by action on the athlete’s body significantly different from it. Nandrolone due to 5-a-reductase in the body passes into a weaker dihydronandrolone and does not have androgenic effects and therefore does not have a powerful effect on the body. On Parabolan (Parabolan) 5-a-reductase does not work and therefore it is very strong androgen and therefore much more effective on the athlete than nandrolone. Parabolan does not aromatize, but can excite the receptors of progesterone, it is similar to such steroids as Deca and Buy Parabolan, description, side effects, correct application, course, price, reviews about Parabolan Oxymetholone.

Effects of trenbolone
It is not aromatized (it is not converted into estrogens, which allows to avoid gynecomastia and fluid accumulation).
One of the strongest steroids in the impact on strength and muscle mass.
Trenbolone is a universal anabolic steroid. Depending on the desired goals, it can serve both for recruiting mass and increasing strength, and for building a quality muscle mass.
Bodybuilders are especially fond of the acetate variation of the trenbolone, on which they can sit all the way down to the competitions, as it empowers their muscles with extreme firmness and elasticity.
The drug does not retain fluid in the body, therefore, in conjunction with the reception of fat burners and a non-carbohydrate diet, the muscles are superbly drawn.
In conditions of a low-calorie diet and intensive physical exertion, the organism experiences tremendous stress. Due to its androgenic effect, trenbolone accelerates recovery, prevents overtraining, helps to cope with colossal loads.
Powerlifters use the drug for their purposes – a rapid increase in strength without noticeable weight gain.

Parabolan rate

Use Parabolan course is best for experienced bodybuilders. For the first time, this method is undesirable because it is a very strong active substance in this anabolic steroid.

Add oral stanozolol to the parabolane course well if you aspire as hard and quickly as possible to dry your muscles from fatty fibers and water accumulation.

All the muscles under the influence of the course of stanozolol + parabolan will be extremely dry and firm with a minimum percentage of fat.

Androgenic steroids all kinds of testosterone will also have a very positive effect on this cycle, they will be able to strengthen the action of the trenbolone and significantly increase the power potential together with endurance.

Professional bodybuilders use the growth hormone in different dosages on the parabolane course. Such cycles are the strongest for all anabolic indicators.