Testabol Propionate British Dragon Testosterone Propionate 10ml vial 100 mg/ml


Manufacturer: British DragonPack: 10ml vial 100 mg/mlChemical Substance: Testosterone Propionate



Like most topical today as doping anabolic and androgenic steroids, testosterone propionate came into the sport from medicine. They used it and continue to use it for hormone replacement therapy: according to indications from oligospermia caused by androgen deficiency, to muscular dystrophy, provoked by a broken hormonal background.

Not contrary to, and due to their medical origin, modern testosterone preparations, like Testabol Propionate 100 from British Dragon Pharmaceuticals , are in high demand among amateurs and sports professionals. Their relative safety for humans has long been scientifically confirmed, and the effectiveness for the development of the physical form is beyond doubt even among skeptics.

Testabol Propionate 100 is an ether, the ampoules of which should be injected more often than usual. If the athlete does not accept such an application, then it is worth using Enanthate, Cypionate or other ethers.
Testabol Propionate 100 has the same results as other ethers. The difference is only for how long the drug works.
Bodybuilders constantly note that the drug has an excellent effect on the working capacity of the body, increasing muscle mass and strength. To avoid negative effects, it is worth taking the drug in optimal doses.

The growth of strength indicators;
Reduction of fatty layer;
Increase in the relief of the musculature;
Increased muscle mass;
Improved performance;
Increased appetite.

Being a strong anabolic and powerful androgenic steroid, the drug is able to aromatize, and turn into estrogen. Has the ability to regulate the function of the pituitary gland and greatly accelerate protein synthesis. These properties give the steroid the opportunity to use it in steroid courses for drying. With Testabol Propionate your muscles will not grow quickly, the process of building muscle mass is slow but sure and qualitative. The steroid has a pronounced anti-catabolic effect, promotes the rapid recovery of muscle tissue, and the ability to stimulate the production of growth hormone gives a good fat burning effect with the buildup of dry muscle mass. If you decide to buy testballball propionate in order to recruit quality muscles, this is exactly what you need, using propionate, expect an increase in weight to 5-6 kg in 4-5 weeks.
The side effects of Testabol Propionate 100, on the other hand, are rare if you adhere to the recommendations. But the drug is not completely harmless: with predisposition and abuse, complications of estrogenic and / or androgenic nature are likely: acne, increased pressure, decreased libido, increased aggression, baldness, coarsening of the voice, gynecomastia and some others.