Trenabol British Dragon Trenbolone Acetate 10ml vial (75 mg/ml)


Manufacturer: British DragonPack: 10ml vial (75 mg/ml)Chemical Substance: Trenbolone Acetate

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Effects of Trenabol  (trenbolone acetate):

Maximum increase in dry muscle mass
Maximum increase in power indicators
Increases the level of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1)
Burning of the fat layer, due to increased production of growth hormone (increase in the production of somatotropin)
Increased libido (on the course)
Decreased cortisol (on the course)
Pharmacological action Trenbolone acetate (trenbolone acetate):

Rules of reception and dosage:
Trenabol is one of the few steroids, which, using a solo course, can significantly increase musculature. Those who are interested in trenbolone bd price, you need to take into account that the dose is on average 50 mg daily, the course duration is 4-5 weeks.
Of course, the simulator is quite effective, and it can be used as the only drug on the course – an excellent result is guaranteed. However, with the undeniable advantages of the simulator, combined courses are also popular.
An even more productive set of mass is obtained with a mix with testosterone. Add strength, and at the same time, and “dry” the muscles can be, combining on the course simulator and stanozolol. Professionals often use a mix of stanozolol, simulator and testosterone.

Trenabol  РSide Effects

The manifestation of such a reaction, as a side effect, is possible due to violation of regulations. Most often, it is expressed in the form of: baldness, oily skin, acne, increased blood pressure, increased aggression. Because of the increase in the production of natural testosterone, testicular atrophy and decreased libido may occur. To reduce the percentage of negative manifestations, it is recommended to use cabergoline or gonadotropin.