Trenabol- E British Dragon Trenbolone enanthate 10ml vial (200 mg/ml)


Manufacturer: British DragonPack: 10ml vial (200 mg/ml)Chemical Substance: Trenbolone enanthate


Trenabol-e is an injectable steroid, which is very often found (it can be purchased) on the “black market” in other ways, like other anabolic steroids (if desired). Sold in three forms (aether):
Trenbolone enanthate
Actually, after the drug is injected into the muscle, the trenbolone esters are gradually decomposed by plasma lipase, providing your body with a prolonged intake of these active substances into the blood. Now we will talk in detail about these 3 ether derivatives.

Properties of Trenbolone

Trenbolone is the strongest steroid with androgenic activity. It does not aromatize (does not convert to estrogen), does not have estrogenic side effects.

Trenbolone is a derivative of nandrolone, but it differs significantly from the previous one. Nandrolone under the action of the enzyme 5-a-reductase is transformed into the weakest dihydronandrolone and has no noticeable effect. Trenbolone is not affected by the action of 5-a-reductase. And thanks to this, the properties of androgen are excellent.

The half-life of trenbolone acetate is short (1 day), and side effects with acceptable dosages are not too frequent and easily reversible.

Combination and reception schemes

Since trenbolone is a preparation with progestagenic activity, it is not recommended to use solo. Also, the condition for carrying out the course of the trenbolone is the availability of testosterone esters in the course. This is necessary to avoid such side effects as decreased libido, bad mood. And also compensate for the lack of tendon tendon to aromatization, which is bad for the collection of muscle mass and strength.

Trenbolone, like other steroids with progestagenic activity – the drug is not for beginners