Testover C vial Vermodje Testosterone cypionate 10ml vial (200 mg/ml)


Manufacturer: VermodjePack: 10ml vial (200 mg/ml)Chemical Substance: Testosterone cypionate

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TESTOVER C (testosterone enanthate)
TESTOVER C refers to steroids, which have a powerful effect on the body. Its main active substance is testosterone cypionate, which remains active throughout the crescent. This is one of the longest acting drugs of this group. The lack of frequent injections makes it very acceptable for many athletes. In medicine, it is used as a means to eliminate joint pain, improve appetite, strengthen the bone system, and increase the overall level of working capacity of the body. Initially, it was perceived as an analog of the enanthate ether, but eventually evaluated all the advantages and made it very popular. The substance is active for 14 days after ingestion. The half-life is 6-8 days. Due to the long period of activity, the steroid can cause fluid accumulation, so it is combined with other AAS. The anabolic and androgenic index is 100% of testosterone. The drug acts via anabolic receptors, increasing their ability to accumulate nitrogen, which serves as the basis for building muscles. A positive nitrogen balance is established, which provides increased growth of muscle tissue and slows down the process of its destruction.

The effects of taking TESTOVER C are manifested in the form of:

increased appetite; Growth of muscle mass; Increased libido; Strengthening bones; Anti-inflammatory effect; Increasing motivation and strength indicators; Strengthening of the immune system.

Features of TESTOVER C.

It is known that the drug is active in the body for two weeks, so the Testosterus Sopimentally take 200 – 400 mg per week, usually injections are done twice a week. It is worth noting of course that many athletes bring the dosage up to 800 mg per week, but this dosage will give a weight gain mainly due to water and the likelihood of side effects will increase. Water after the course still leaves and takes up to 30% of the result, therefore, in our opinion, there is no sense in very high dosages. In addition, this steroid suppresses the production of the body’s own testosterone, so that to competently quit the course advised in the end to additionally add gonadotropinili clomid. All these preparations can be found on our website in the post-course restoration section. If you follow all the suggested recommendations, then from taking a testosterone you will only benefit.