Sustaver amp Vermodje Sustanon 250 (Testosterone mix) 10 ampoules (250 mg/ml)


Manufacturer: VermodjePack: 10 ampoules (250 mg/ml)Chemical Substance: Sustanon 250 (Testosterone mix)



The Vermodje Sustaver is one of the most popular and known injectable steroids in the arsenal of both foreign and domestic chemists and is a combination of 4 testosterone esters of different release rates of the active substance and duration of action. The people are better known as sustan. Sastaver 250 is a fairly common drug, which is usually taken in combination with other steroids. Sustaver is the main drug in combined courses. The action of the drug is absolutely no different from that of normal testosterone, but it has a longer lasting effect. It is the duration of the effect that is the most serious advantage of the steroid.
During the use of the drug there is no need for frequent injections, in contrast to the usual testosterone.

During the course of this steroid, a high level of hormone is constantly maintained in the blood.
Athletes really appreciate this drug because it helps to increase muscle mass. Typically, a few weeks after the injection, the athlete begins to add weight to the weight.

Effects of Sustover:

– Effective mass gathering;

– has anti-catabolic effect (prevents the destruction of muscle fibers);

-Increases appetite;

– promotes endurance;

– strengthens the libido.


The form of the drug – an economical barrel with a capacity of 10 ml, the concentration of active substances: 250 mg / ml.

Dosages depend on your tasks, as well as on combinations of other anabolic steroids that are included in the course: weekly doses range from 250 mg to several grams. Safe and effective dosage giving excellent results is 250-750 mg per week. Injections of the drug are done twice a week, to more evenly penetrate the substance into the blood.